Linda Katsuda

  Montana's landscape is special and I hope we can preserve our open spaces, even if it is cultivated. There is something about large uninhabited areas that gives me a sense of expansiveness, of being away from the crowds and the bustle of cities. I find it serene, calming and relaxing. This quality is what I seek to express through my landscape paintings. Every painting is inspired by a specific place or object. It is my hope that my art inspires an appreciation not only of my painting but also of the place or subject that inspired it.

Painting from life requires taking time to study and learn what is beyond the first glance. It takes at least a few hours that can turn into days, weeks, months or sometimes years of observation. What draws me to any particular place or object is usually how the light plays upon the planes making interesting patterns of light and dark or how the sunset or atmosphere casts its particular light on everything, making drab mountains turn purple, pink and orange at sunset, or how majestic mountains can be against a dark storm cloud with a sun beam highlighting a cliff section. Behind the visual and sensual aspect that inspires me is the presence of Nature, without pretense or being what is.....honest, without frills or decoration.

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